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Background of the MNBC

The Malaysia Norway Business Council (MNBC) is an independent organization incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (company no. 193788-K). It was formed in February/ March 1990. The main aim of the Council is to provide a forum for discussion and exchanging views on business conditions, both domestic and international, affecting Malaysian and Norwegian firms.
The Council is a non-profit making body; it is financed entirely from members' subscription, entrance fees and surpluses arising from specific activities.
The MNBC constitution is quoted in the documents Memorandum of the Association and Articles of the Association.


Broadly, the objectives of the MNBC are to:

  • Promote trade, commerce, industry and investment between Malaysian and Norwegian public and private sectors, fostering for this purpose friendly relations, mutual understanding and closer economic co-operation between the two countries to contribute towards the advancement of both the Malaysian and Norwegian economy.
  • Provide information and assistance to Malaysian firms seeking to do business in Norway and Norwegian firms interested in doing business in Malaysia.
  • Promote with other organizations in Malaysia having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Council with respect to the various and several constructive views of the members on the Malaysian Government's policies, regulations implemented or proposed and programs which in their opinion would directly or indirectly affect business interests.


In furthering its objectives, MNBC carry out various activities and services for the benefit of its members. These include:

  • Interacting with Norwegian and Malaysian groups of business interests and trade missions visiting both Malaysia and Norway.
  • Providing a contact point where members meet and interact to exchange ideas and discuss matters of mutual interest
  • Ad-hoc talks and discussions with important business leaders both from Norway and Malaysia, on maters relating to trade commerce and investment.
  • Provision of services to Malaysian members visiting Norway for purposes of business through the use of the company's contacts.

Regular Events


  • Norwegian Regional Business Forum (NABS – Norway Asia Business Summit)
  • Scandinavian Business Golf Tournament (Sweden, Finland, Norway) – ad hoc
  • MNBC Annual General Meeting & Buffet Dinner
  • Nordic Christmas Dinner (Denmark Finland, Sweden, Norway)


  • MNBC Networking events/ Water Holes

Team Norway in Malaysia

Royal Norwegian Embassy

The main function is to be the Norwegian government’s representative in Malaysia and

  • Promote Norwegian interests and business in Malaysia and help Norwegians finding the “right doors” in Malaysia

  • Develop Norwegian-Malaysian relations in the political, economic and cultural fields

Some of the services provided are: Visa, Passport and weddings.

The Ambassador is the chairman of the “Team Norway in Malaysia”


Malaysia Norway Business Council (MNBC 

Since Innovation Norway’s office in KL will be closed down during the 2ndquarter of 2017, MNBC may assist in promoting Norwegian export to Malaysia via MNBC’s network by offering a range of consultancy services to Norwegian companies seeking to establish themselves in this market.

Some of the services which MNBC’s members may provide are:

  • Market strategies and plans, studies and reports, product and market monitoring, Comparative analysis of products.

  • Selections of local partners or agents.

  • Establishment of subsidiaries.

  • Organizations of business visits and meetings, accompanying clients to meetings/visits.

  • Acquisitions of companies.

  • Recruitments services, mailing services.

  • Joint promotions-seminars, conferences, exhibitions and press and informations services.

  • Interacting with Malaysian business, commercial, cultural and educational visiting Norway.

  • Providing a forum where members meet to exchange ideas and discuss matters of mutual interests.