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'Reaching Out' Reaching Out
Event: 18.12.2006
Christmas Party at Rumah Ozanam On December 17th, MNBC Chairman Egil Martinussen, his wife Siri and I (Kari) went to the Rumah Ozanam House for their "Awards and Christmas Party".
A truly wonderful evening; the children had put together the program themselves and we were treated to wonderful Christmas corals that brought tears to our eyes, dancing performances and poetry reading. The children was given awards for the past year, both academical awards, sports awards and award for how they behaved and was involved at the Rumah Ozanam. There were about 100 guests, including the children, staff, volunteers, foster parents and other contributors to the house. Thanks to MNBC and APL Asia, we were offered wonderful food and each child was given his/her Christmas presents. This was also made possible because the employees at APL Asia had given their contribution. Thank you so much APL!!!
I really hope that MNBC will be able to support the Rumah Ozanam and the children in their efforts. The children at the home are orphans, come from broken homes or homes where they are abused. Some have been abandoned by their parents or the parents are too ill or in prison and can not take care of them. To give these children the opportunity to stay in a safe and loving home and get good education makes it possible for them to look forward to a bright future. This year, one of the girls had graduated from high school and had gotten a scholarship to start her nursing education after Christmas.
In the beginning of the year we will start our "drive" to get sponsors within the "MNBC Family" so that we can continue to sponsor the childrens education. We will also meet some of the children from the home at the January Water Hole, where they will come and sing for us.