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Reaching Out
Reaching Out program MNBC's Reaching Out Program is still supporting the Rumah Ozanam. In the beginning of November RM 18.000 was handed over as a contribution for education aid for 6 childeren living at Rumah Ozanam. This contribution was made possible by the support of Barber International, Digi, Jotun, Jordan and MNBC members. We will get regular updates on the progress of "our" children and we will work to secure further funding for their education. Hopefully we will be able to add more children to the program. MNBC will also support the centre with regular visits and activites. The first upcoming event is a Christmas Party on Dec. 17th. This party has been funded by donations from our members and APL Asia. If any of our members would like to contribute or pay a visit to Rumah Ozanam please contact Amy Lai at - amylai@jordanfareast. Amy Lai and Ng Soo Keong from Jordan are heading our Charity Committee and they are always happy to hear from you!!!!