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Board Directorship / Representation

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 Board Directorship/Representation



Many Norwegian expatriate members of MNBC have been living in Malaysia for a number of years and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about local market conditions, governmental regulations, legal issues and as importantly, they have a substantial contact base in Malaysia/region that may be utilized effectively by joining in as Board members of Norwegian related companies here in Malaysia/South East Asia.


Some of the members have even obtained or are in the process of obtaining permanent resident status here and may as Board members serve as valuable contributors to the Malaysian subsidiary as well as a link to the Norwegian HQ to help facilitate and safeguard operational and legal aspects of the business in line with local laws and regulations, business practices as well as important cultural imperatives.


For further details on members that may be candidates for Board Directorship, please contact: Ms. Bridget Antoinette Pereira, Executive Director - MNBC, h/p +60 17 873 3916,



        or Mr. Jorgen Torp, President & Chairman – MNBC, h/p +60 12 2832 564